It’s ALIVE!!! Pentax LX FA-1 Repair/Cleaning

Pentax LX-1 in poor condition

Recently, I am back to film cameras. Last time I held a Pentax LX was about 15 years ago. I missed the metal body, lightweight, and compact design. Even today’s standard, the most compact DSLR from Pentax (K-50D) still way thicker, heavier, and bulkier. Not just Pentax! In fact, all camera manufacture when they entering the Digital World, they basically throw away the compact/lightweight philosophy out of the window. Simply put, all the digital components are there to add additional weight on top of the existing SLR structure. No matter how much cost down or replacement into light plastic parts, additional weight is additional weight period! If you ever put film camera with digital side by side, you will realize even most compact digital camera can not beat the glory days of film cameras.

This Pentax LX was in a very poor shape. Not to mention the FA-1 was damaged when I received. Seller fail to mention that FA-1 has terrible diopter which would lock on on adjustment.

Pentax FA-1 viewfinder the diopter adjustment pin was heavy damaged.  Adjustment was jammed.

After consideration, I purchased another FA-1. The second one was in much better condition, but the coating on the eyepiece was severely damaged. So I decided to combine all the good parts together. And fixing the existing diopter jammed problem as well.

1. Open it up, and locate the 2 gears that responsible for moving glass element front and back. 2. disassembled two FA-1 to study the missing steps when I first opened the first one. 3. Glass element has green reflection (COATING!!) 4. Dirty, greased, damaged coating viewfinder rear element. 5. Cleaned up the grease, but damaged lens coating is something I can not repair. 6. Now it's bright and clear. If I use flathead screwdriver, I am able to move the diopter from 0 to -1.5

Obviously all these fixes aren’t enough for this grandpa camera. The meter was off, and during the first roll of film test, the sticky mirror lock came up. I just shipped to Eric Hendrickson for CLA at this moment… EXTRA $248 as speaking 😦

It’s ALIVE!!! Pentax LX FA-1 Repair/Cleaning

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